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Our Gym

If you are up for a challenge and seeking a personal coach that can optimize your abilities, you've come to the right place. Our staff includes physical therapists as well as a certified athletic trainer and performance enhancement specialists.

Our staff are energetic, friendly and fun! Scheduling an appointment is easy and clients spend minimal time in the waiting room.

Frontier Therapy provides sports performance training to athletes of all ages and all levels of competition, including youth, high school, college, professional, and senior athletes. We have committed ourselves to help you succeed. We have worked with athletes from every sport imaginable and provides training to individuals, small groups, and entire sports teams. In addition to individuals, we have trained a number of collegiate and nationally-ranked high school and professional athletic teams.

Our staff will help you to achieve your personal goals whether you are an elite athlete who wants to completely dominate your competition or whether you are a struggling athlete who just wants to make their sports team.

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